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Merson big match: Manchester United face backlash from Spurs

Merson predicts big match: Manchester United will face backlash from Spurs

Manchester United will play at Old Trafford, welcoming the arrival of a team in strong form like Tottenham Hotspur, which Paul Merson thinks that this game may No one will get 3 points back.

โปรโมชั่น ufabet pundit Paul Merson has come out to predict the results of this week’s big match, believing that Manchester United will not able to beat Tottenham Hotspur, who are in strong form. Even if you get to play in your own home. To meet in the Premier League this Sunday.

“If Tottenham win, they will overtake Arsenal. Which means The Gunners will immediately fall out of the top four Three weeks ago Mikel Arteta’s side were hard to beat and sat top of the table. But they might drop to fifth if the results are as I say this weekend. Which is incredible.”

“Manchester United, on the other hand, are nine points behind Arsenal and face an uphill battle for their quota. In next season’s Champions League, they must win this game to have any chance of finishing in the top four. But this season they haven’t been consistent. It is very difficult to predict the outcome of Manchester United, but one thing is certain. They always have the best of the best when the time comes.”

“In this game I expect there will be a lot of goals scored. And it would be shocking if it ended scoreless. So I think this match will be tied at 2-2,” Merson said.