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Sol Campbell has warned his club to keep Bukayo Saka at the club.

Ex-Arsenal defender Sol Campbell has warned his former club to keep trying to keep star youngster Bukayo Saka at the football team.

         The 20-year-old has been outstanding this season with six goals and four assists in 21 appearances across all competitions, helping the team sit fourth in the current table. Has a contract with the team until 2024.

         However, the Transfer Window Podcast previously reported that Saka and his agent are interested in a move to Liverpool, where they will play in the Champions League and have a better chance of winning. In the past, the team had a history of allowing some players to extend contracts,UFABET but Campbell thinks that in the case of Saka must not happen.

         “When you have young players and come up and do great. you have to protect them You have to keep them,” Campbell told TalkSport.

         “They are the blood for the fans. For the country, England and especially Arsenal, you can’t let a top player run out of contract and leave because it might take a long time.

         “It happened before. But that’s about big money. It took a long time to complete their contract – why not? When the club took a long time to secure the future of the players. if you wait too long They will also receive offers from other teams that come in.”

         “Sometimes you can agree on money, but if you wait 6 months (to sign a contract), the numbers may differ. It could be more than that.”

         “You’re thinking Why not take that number 6 months ago when you paid less? Keep the players and everyone happy. Instead of trying to drag it out and try to negotiate smartly?”