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How to extend Artificial Nails so that nails don’t break?

Artificial Nails extensions should be made by a skilled technician. Because doing a manicure by yourself without the knowledge and understanding of how to do it can risk damage and infection of the nails. By extending Artificial Nails or attaching false nails to be safe.

There are the following recommendations.

  • Choose a properly registered nail salon. As well as choosing a trained and licensed manicurist. 
  • Shop area and manicure equipment such as nail files, nail pickers and nail clippers. Should be cleaned and disinfected with ethyl alcohol every time or may bring their own personal manicure equipment. And the manicurist should wash his hands before coming to do our nails.
  • Gel nails and acrylic nails should not be removed by yourself. Because you need to use a solution specifically designed for removing Artificial Nails. Therefore, a skilled technician should have the nails cleaned UFABET
  • If doing gel nails, choose a nail salon that uses LED curing machines instead of UV curing machines. and apply sunscreen on the hands before getting a gel manicure
  • If possible, tell the technician to refrain from trimming the cuticle  because it may cause a split between the nail and the tissue under the nail. This could increase your risk of infection.
  • Do not reattach plastic fake nails that have fallen out without cleaning. because it may be at risk of nail infection.
  • Avoid pedicures if you have a fungal nail infection. Getting artificial nail extensions to cover up the infection can make the condition worse.
  • If there is a nail wound or an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in manicure. Such as a red rash, itching around the fingers, face and neck. You should see a doctor for treatment.