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Arda Guler yan ready to play for Real Madrid.

Arda Guler insists he is available to play for Real Madrid next season with no loan plans in mind. Arda Güler the 18-year-old midfielder insists he is available to play for Real Madrid without any plans to leave the Real Madrid team to join the football club on loan. According to reports from Marca on Friday. 

Guler becomes the latest young talent to join Real Madrid after joining from Barcelona. Fenerbahce for 20 million euros plus 10 million euros in bonuses and a 20 per cent share of the transfer fee. With ‘Messi Turk’ insisting he is available to play for the ‘Lo’ team Blancos and has no plans to move the team on loan next season.

‘No, I can rule out that possibility. I didn’t want to go on loan.’ Gouler confirmed. ‘They told me I was going to play. and I feel ready I will work hard and give everything I have.’ UFABET

Arda Guler was target by a number of clubs after Barcelona had tried to sign him. But Real Madrid made an offer and eventually won.

‘There are many offers. But my priority is always Real Madrid.’ said the 18-year-old. ‘Again, there were a number of clubs that made bids. But as soon as Real Madrid appear the others disappeared.’