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Manchester United 2-1 Brentford: Picking up after Premier League game

Manchester United 2-1 Brentford: Picking up after the Premier League game. The Red Devils fought back and shot over in a sinful minute to grab 3 points. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Scott McTominay play the role of the “hero” who rode the White Horse to score two goals in injury time. Leading the Red Devils to overtake Brentford handsomely 2-1.

list:Football English Premier League 2023/24
Race day:Saturday, October 7, 2023
stadium:Old Trafford
Competition results:Manchester United 2-1 Brentford

Red Devil cheats death

This game can be said to be the game that Manchester United fans were most satisfied with this season. It can said that they starte out at sea (as usual), trying to control the ball. Attacking the visiting team and making mistakes that play a key role. Made them concede their first goal Plus. After that, he tried to launch an offensive game very hard, which he couldn’t penetrate. Until the end of the game, Ten Hag had no choice but to give their all, sending their attackers onto the field at full strength with a bomb. That was the source of two goals in extra time in the second half, grabbing 3 points, cheating death in the end. In this weekend’s game

Onana also has content

It may little lighter for the mistake of Andre Onana, the goalkeeper nickname “Tong is Tung” Because today the team was able to successfully cheat death and win. But that couldn’t completely cover up his mistake because the goal he conceded was “should have been saved”. Of course, it might seem difficult because it was blocked or ricocheted thin. However, if you look closely, the ball didn’t come. Strong and not far away But this goalkeeper fell down in time to prevent the ball from slipping through his arms and into the goal.

Last card: Scott McTominay

Unbelievably, Erik ten Hag’s final substitution in the 87th minute was his best decision of the season. That person did not use a striker or a natural attacker. But rather a central midfielder like Scott McTominay, who spent only a few minutes on the field making a huge impact on the team. Lale scored the equalizing goal and scored the winning goal moments later, leading the team to successfully grab 3 important points. It’s not possible to see this. Tek Haak might have to give him a chance in an offensive position.

The turning point that Ten Hag is looking for.

Many people may think that winning this game is only worth 3 points. Plus the gameplay isn’t outstanding at all and there are many mistakes that can be seen everywhere, but for Eric ten Hag, it looks It would be very big for him, who came out in an interview after the game to say that this would be the turning point that Manchester United were looking for and finally found. The excitement, fierceness, and confidence will gradually return. Of course, who is talking lightly? You can say it. But what will really be proven is the performance on the field. Therefore, Sunday, October 22, the attacking game against Sheffield United, the new team whose performance is extremely poor after the national team break program, we will see.