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Antonio Conte made Tottenham Hotspur debut with a 3-2 win

Antonio Conte made his Tottenham Hotspur football club debut with a 3-2 home win over Vitesse in the Conference League Group G clash with three red cards.

At the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was Antonio Conte’s first appearance in charge of the newly appointed team earlier this week.

After 14 minutes, the Golden Spikes chicken took the lead 1-0. Lucas Moura shot to save Markus Schubert, who was meant to flick the ball out of danger, but entered Son Heung-min’s way to shoot the garden into the goal.

Spurs invaded, getting more meat than really. In the 21st minute. Son Heung-min had a chance to add more scores. But the stroke was compressed with the left to hit the pole.

Antonio Conte made Tottenham Hotspur debut with a 3-2 win

But minutes later, the score moved to 2-0 in the counter-attack. Before Harry Kane rested the ball before turning to Lucas Moura to drop a single shot to lure the target through the away goal.

The host was really furious, 29th minute, leading 3-0. Ben Davis added high into the penalty area before cutting in the middle. Harry Kane charged by Jacob Rasmussen, trying to block, but the ball flowed over the line.

Still, Vitesse did not give up, hitting the egg in the 32nd minute from a corner that Maximilian Wittek opened for Yacob Rasmussen to break the ball into the net.

The visiting team chased 2-3 in the 39th minute. Yann Boo passed in for Matus Beiro, who had the opportunity to shoot with the right to send the ball into the far post.

Golden spur chicken left 10 people in the 59th minute, Christian Romero to cut the foul, Lois Openda, so it was yellowed twice in the red, expelled from the field.

The visiting team were left with 10 people in the 82nd minute. Danilho Doge fouled Harry Kane. So he was given two yellows and another red card.

Vitesse left 9 people in the 85th minute. Emerson Royal fell to shoot the arm Marcus Schubert. He is who came out to cut the ball outside the penalty box, was kicked out of the field.

At the end of the game, Spurs defeated Vivesse 3-2 to grab three points. With seven points from four games, while the away team has six.