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Liverpool followed Manchester City 2-2 for 7 more shots at the end.

Super-big match Manchester City and Liverpool ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw. As the Reds equalized on both occasions must continue to be thrilled in the last 7 matches.

Manchester City hosted the target with Gabriel Jesus playing. And the attacking football game was led by Kevin De Bruyne. While Liverpool sent Diogo Jota to play an offensive game with Moja. Med Salah and Sadio Mane. 

The game began for 5 minutes.

With Manchester City leading 1-0 from a quick free-kick. Kevin De Bruyne got the ball in front of the penalty area. Before dragging to the penalty area line and shooting with the left. UFABET The ball ricocheted Joel Matip a little before wiping the far post bouncing into the goal.

Liverpool drew 1-1 quickly seven minutes later. And Andy Robertson threw the ball past the far post for Trent Alexander-Arnold to hit it back for Jota to run for a shot. With the right in the penalty area.

The Reds had a chance to counterattack in the 28th minute. Trent Alexander-Arnold got the ball in the middle of the field before deciding to fire from a distance. But the ball was too light and straight to Ederson.

The next minute, the Blues almost led again. Joao Cancelo inserted to receive the long ball in the penalty area. Before swaying the Reds defender and paying it to Kevin De Bruyne to catch it. And turn the shot with the right at 12 distance yards. But the ball poked the post out of the back unfortunately.

Joao Canzelo added the offensive game to receive the long ball again in the 35th minute before rocking away from Trent and shooting at the first post, but Alisson brushed his fingertips before the ball wiped the pole a little behind.

But two minutes later, Manchester City led another 2-1 from a corner kick that Liverpool had not cleared. Joao Canzelo picked up before scooping into the right-hand penalty area for Jesus to run away from Trent, who did not run after. Before the ball splits in the face, Alisong wipes the crossbar into the door. and finished the first half in this score

The second half started in the first minute.

Liverpool immediately equalized 2-2. Mo Salah sent the ball into the penalty area for Sadio Mane to run away from Walker before shooting through Ederson’s hand. Beautiful.

61 minutes, Manchester City found some chances to shoot while Gabriel Jesus got the ball in the penalty area before dribbling, two Reds players and then shot past Alisson, but blocked Van Dai. k

Manchester City sent the ball into the net two minutes later from the moment De Bruyne dropped the ball for Raheem Sterling to lure Alisson, but the VAR was caught. that Sterling was a little offside when he started the sprint.

Into the last 20 minutes, the Reds took off Jota and sent Luis Diaz on instead, before another minute later, Salah had a rhythm rocked and shot with the left. The ball deflected the Manchester City players before narrowing the post a little behind.

Then both teams tried to score the third goal. but failed Makes the game end tied 2-2, splitting each team with points, Manchester City has increased to 74 points, 1 point more than Liverpool, must continue to win in the last 7 matches of the season